When did you start singing? Was it your childhood dream to become a musician or did you decide later on?
For me singing has always been a natural part of me. I remember wondering why none of the other kids on summer camp made harmonies to the songs we were singing :) I started playing classical piano when I was 8y old, but realised later it was not my thing. I stopped taking piano lessons and switched into singing when I was 16. That was when I realised it could become my career.

How would you compare the Riina from before the audition to after it? Does anything change for you?
Good question! I made it to the blind audition in season 1 (this is now season 4). But none of the chairs turned for me. It was very very tough!! Tarja was not a part of The Voice of Finland then. I decided to try again because I felt I needed to face the situation and not let the experience put me down! I have had some difficult personal issues going on in the last years as well, and I really hoped I could sing my heart out in the blind auditions - that I could let all those bad experiences and the failure in the first season make me stronger. That is why the words in the song "Titanium" are so important to me! Never ever give up on your dreams :) When Tarja turned her chair and even started crying I felt like my life was changed. I had overcome my own fears and even got into the best team!!! I am so happy that Tarja has supported me and all her fans around the world too :)

What's your biggest goal as a singer?
I want to make a tour around the world and sing my own music.

Do you have any other dreams besides this carreer?
Singing and music is the most important thing to me besides family and friends of course. I like doing many other things, but my passion is in singing.

What's your favorite music style to listen to? And what's your favorite one to sing?
I like pop&soul, but I listen to all kinds of music. I have also featured on a couple of heavy metal- and progressive metal records. I love singing everything from jazz to disco ;) But soulful ballads and upbeat dance music feels best for me.

You've actually recorded a song as an entry to Eurovision, right? Did you write that song? How was the experience of recording it? Have you recorded anything else?
Yes, I have written the lyrics and music to that song "My Reality". It is produced by Jukka Heikkinen. It was a great experience even though the song didn't make it to the Eurovision song contest. I have also released an album called "I'm Here" (2010) under the artist name "Reena Darlin". It is also released in Japan.

You had already signed up for TVOF once, what motivated you to keep on trying and give it another go?
As I said before, I knew I had to "face my demons" instead of letting the experience bring me down. I also knew that one of the reasons why I didn't make it, was that none of the coaches happened to like my style of singing. This season I heard there were new coaches (and Tarja <3), so I decided to try again!

What was on your mind when the chairs started to turn during your audition?
I was so relieved and HAPPY! And most of all I was amazed of Tarjas reaction and the strong connection between us. I could see how moved she was and how intensely she was listening.

Tarja sometimes says she was inspired by singers like Whitney Houston and Sarah Brightman, did you have any inspirations as well?
Whitney Houston is also one of my big inspirations! Another one is Beyoncé, and Aretha Franklin too :)

Why did you pick Tarja as a coach?
The connection between us and her reaction made it really clear. I had no question in my mind about who I would pic!!!

Did you know anything about her and her music before the show? Do you have a favorite song of hers?
Yes, I have followed her career because she has been very famous in Finland for many years! Even though her style of singing is a bit different (I don't sing classical music), I have always admired her. Now that I am in her team I realise even more how loved she is around the world!! She is such a wonderful person and I can understand why she has so many fans. I don't think I can pick a favourite song, but I really like the collaboration she does with Within Temptation in the song "Paradise (What about Us?)".

We know that the knockouts are close, so what's it like to have Tarja as a vocal coach? How much work is done there, and how do the lessons go?
We do not have singing lessons, but she is coaching us when we rehears the song(s). She is amazing in how she sees how to bring out the best of me - both technically and mentally/emotionally. You can see some of it on TV as the battles begin.

What's the most important thing that Tarja has taught you so far?
She has made me believe in myself, that is worth more that anything else!

What would you like to say to Tarja's brazilian fans?
I hope to come to Brazil one day and sing for you! Thank you so much for supporting me and Team Tarja <3