Surrounded by bodyguards

The presentation of your DVD was pretty relaxed. That´s strange regarding your status in the finnish music biz.

Tarja: Finnish people are quite shy. From time to time someone tells you nice things about our music, but mostly people leave us in quiet. But the South America tour last year was the complete opposite. Those people are crazy (laughs). Everyone followed us, everyone wanted to talk or hug us. Luckily I had two bodyguards around me during the whole tour.

You spent a lot of time on the road after the "Wishmaster" release and played more than 80 concerts. There was one gig you kept in mind because it was very special.

Tarja: Yes, the first time we´ve played at the Wacken Open Air. I thought that I would be very nervous, but I had no time to feel that way because it was a very chaotic journey. We came directly from South America and our plane was already late. So we missed our connection flight. We arrived at Hamburg airport just two hours before our show was scheduled. So I had to put on my make up in the car that drove us to Wacken. When we reached the festival area, we put on our stage clothes and went directly on stage. Anyway, the show was good and the audience was fantastic. That´s why we come back this year.

Right now you spend a lot of time at the Goethe institute in Helsinki.

Tarja: I´m trying to learn german. If you want to be a famous opera singer you have to speak this language because most operas are performed in german.

But there´s a long road in front of you...

Tarja: Yes, but nothing´s for eternity. Sometimes I feel alone on these long tours. Especially when I´m the only girl around. So I was happy that Sinergy supported us on the european tour. Kimberly and I became good friends. Otherwise I spend my time with a good book or I go for some jogging. I´m not allowed to party with the boys because that would ruin my voice. And those classic men´s conversations annoy me (laughs).

Do you think you´re lucky that your music fills your fridge and you can easily finish your studies at the same time?

Tarja: Well, it´s not as simple as it seems. Actually I should be at home and prepare myself for the upcoming exams. But maybe I can take profit out of my fame. The media has a big interest in my person. But I cancel most of the invitations because I don´t like this big fuss. I had to attend today´s presentation because I was so curious about how our DVD looks. I couldn´t take a glimpse before because I don´t have a DVD player.

Have you already listend to the songs of your new record ?

Tarja: Actually not yet. But I know that the live songs were recorded in Tampere. Furthermore we have recorded two new songs and a cover version of Gary Moore´s "OTHAFA". Unfortunately, some band members aren´t completome band members aren´t completely satisfied with the result. I really love this song and I think that a lot of people will remember this song. I guess it will be a highlight on our upcoming gigs! Oh yes, and we´ve made a new version of "Astral romance" from our first album.

A new regular studio album is planned. The band wants to enter the studio in winter. So the release date will be next spring.

Tarja: I´m very excited. Tuomas presented me some song ideas which sound great. And we will have an orchestra on the new album. We need an intensive preparation. That´s why we enter the studio in winter. And we all need a small break...