TBR: Max, you have worked with a worldly renowned band, Apocalyptica. How is it, for you, to work with the Voice of Finland? Was there any funny, weird or peculiar moment you could tell us?

M: Working with Tarja and her band and crew is most of the time an easy ride. Everybody involved is very professional and we already now each others highs and lows and daily routines quite well. Usually everything goes quite smooth though the tours can be long and sometimes mistakes happen like once Mike and Alex got left behind in a petrol station in USA… just imagine the feeling when you walk back to the bus and its not there… luckily Alex had his mobile with him…

TBR:  Last year was the 10th year of you leaving Apocalyptica. Since then, there was a note-worthy growth from both of you, though in different ways. How would you describe your musical evolution since then?

M: For me a very important part of being a musician is to try to find new ways to express myself. It can be trough different styles or songs or sounds.
Last years I've been playing a lot of different styles in it all has helped me in finding "my own sound".

TBR:  What's your relationship with the members of Apocalyptica like today? There was any internal conflicts that lead to you leaving the band?

M: It's a long time ago. For some reason we lost communication and could not continue. We are not in contact anymore.

TBR:  You've had the chance to play in some metal bands and now you are releasing your first solo album, Electronica by One Cello. Are there any other sides of you that we don't know yet?

M: I'm a classically trained cellist. The success with Apocalyptica encouraged me to go on with experimenting with my own musicianship and thats the path I'm still on. I would not say that that I have different sides, I just never understood the concept of limiting my musicianship to only one genre...

 TBR: How can you describe the emotion of creating your first solo album?

M: The first idea of a solo album came about ten years ago and about 6-7 years ago I kind of decided to make it happen. Still it took many years to write the songs and produce the album. The biggest challenge was, as always when you do something that has never been done before, that you have no reference. You just have to trust that you make the right decisions. It's been a long process but it’s not only for this one album, the whole process is something that will definitely make me a better musician. I am very happy with the result and I really think that I have accomplished something good and with all the highs and lows I had lot of fun going through the process!

TBR: What are your musical influences? Who inspires you?

M: My musical influences come from a very wide spectrum. All the artist who keep creating something fresh and have their "own thing" are inspirational.

TBR: How did you get the idea to use guitar effects for your cello?

M: Already pre Apocalyptica time I used some distortion with my cello. Around 2006 I really went for it and started experimenting with all possible effects in order to broaden my sound palette. Effects are a very usable tool in coloring your sound and in positioning yourself in the overall mix, for example in Tarjas band I play different roles on my cello depending on the song, can be the role of second guitar or second keyboard or cello or some additional noise… all those require a completely different sound image. I nowadays use effects that are designed for universal use, not only for guitar or bass but for all the instruments.

TBR: What made you do an eletronic album? What were the influences for it? How did you write the songs for it?

M: I wanted to create something new, to take cello and instrumentalism to a new level, and at the time I realized that I can create such a variety of sounds on my cello which can all be put together to create something new that has never done before I knew that I had found a way to do it.
I've always been listening to electronic music and especially like music by Massive Attack, Kraftwerk and Moby. As I said earlier I've never been limited to only one genre. The core for all the songs of my solo album was born by jamming on cello. Then I played around with the first cello demos trying out different arrangements, then recorded new demos and then did the final decisions on what works and what does not and then recorded what we can now hear. The last demos were actually quite different with a lot more all kinds of different sounds from the more focused album versions.
TBR:  How was the idea of your first clip born, and why did you choose that animation?

M: For the I Sound My Sound music video I wanted to use some already existing art in order to support artists. I found Anttis paintings in an exhibition and loved them at first sight. Most of the things in music and music videos are done over and over again… I wanted to do something different.

TBR: Of the songs you have posted in your site so far, which is your favorite?

M: That’s tough… I really like them all… I know them all quite well too...

TBR:  You've performed in Brazil a few times with Tarja. What were your impressions about the public/fans? And what is your best memory from our country?

M: It's always fantastic to play in your beautiful country! The fans are absolutely great! We've also done some sight seeing and for example in Rio we went to Maracanã to a soccer match, we were in the middle of the drummers...! Also the food is great!

TBR: What music and more specifically cello means in your life?

M: Cello is a piece of wood that I use as a tool to express myself. Music is life!

TBR: When did start your interesting in cello? Do you play other instruments?

M: I started with violin in age of 5 and switched to cello in age of 7. I also studied some piano but cello is the only instrument I'm good at.

TBR: Do you plan to make a tour with your album? Would it include Brazil?

M: It would be great to play some solo shows, especially in Brazil! Hopefully it is possible one day.

TBR: How has it been to work with Tarja all these years? What would you say about her?

M: Working with Tarja is very easy. She is a very talented artist. She has respect to us musicians.

TBR: You have worked in My Winter Storm and What Lies Beneath with Tarja. Which one of these albums is your favorite?

M: Actually I don't play in My Winter Storm, there the cellist is an American guy. In WLB I play in some songs. I like WLB more… surprise...

TBR: What do you think of Tarja's new album? What we, fans, can expect from it, any news? We'd like to take the chance to congratulate you for your musical talent, we love the sound of your cello!

M: Obrigado! To be honest I have not heard the album yet… only some songs. Great songs, Rocking! I'm looking forward to it!

TBR:  Why did you choose the Cello as your instrument? Why did you first start to play it?

M: I don't remember why I switched from a violin to a cello. Maybe the violin became too small for me…

TBR:  How was your childhood? Do you remember the songs you used to listen to?

Miserable… just kidding! My parents have always been very supportive. I'm not from a musical family but I remember listening to some beautiful cello music when I was a kid. Being a cellist was not the coolest thing around when I was small but I really liked it and did not care what the other kids thought about it… I also did a lot of sports when I was small, skiing, swimming, tennis and so on...

TBR: Of all the classical composers, which one is your favorite?

M: Bach. Some come and go but Bach is always in top3.

TBR: What are the things you like to listen? Out of these, which are your biggest influences?

M: Sounds of nature, Massive Attack, Miles Davis, Moby, Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Tool… All of them have influenced me.

TBR: What about music fascinates you the most?

M: All the emotions that you can experience with music, either in receiving it or in producing it. There is many sides in it. I really love going in to my rehearsal room to practice. I love to find new ways to express myself trough music. I really love being on stage and share the magic with other musicians and with the audience. I'm very happy to be a musician.

TBR: Do you dream of playing with anyone in particular? Do you have a dream duet?

M: Not really… I'm not a big dreamer anyways...

TBR: You live in Finland. How is it? If you could live in any other country, which would it be?

M: Finland is cool… very cool… cold… so if I move somewhere it would probably be somewhere warm.

TBR: Maybe it is early to ask, but do you have plans for other solo projects?

M: I have plenty of ideas for next solo albums! I kind of have a vision how I want the next one to sound. Hopefully I can soon start the process.

TBR: Thank you very much for giving us the pleasure to interview you! Would you like to send a message to your brazilian fans and the members of Tarja Brasil?

M: Huge thanks for your support! Hope to see you all very soon again!