Artist Release Title Label Year
Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats “Live at Iridum NYC” (DVD) Warrior/Edel 2013
Tarja Act I (DVD) Edel 2013
Pervadelic “Songs For Pervs” Marmaduke 2011
Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats “Live: Meat and Potato’s” InGrooves 2012
Jeff Marshall "Eucalyptus” Independent 2011
Edison Project Edison Project* Universal 2011
Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats “More Meat” Warrior/Edel (Warner) 2010
Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats “Meet The Meatbats” Warrior/Edel (Warner) 2009
Birdie Leigh “In A Silky Mood”* AndiK 2009
Tim Carr Project “Tim Carr Project” Independent 2009
Amphetame “Amphetame” Dantani 2008
Bluelight “Say Anything Familiar” Hollytone 2007
Jeff Kollman “Live At The Baked Potato” Marmaduke 2007
Julia Ingalls “Signs Of Life” Independent 2006
Angel Travis “Ready To Fly” Warner Bros 2006
Hal Yaskulka “Beyond Control” Independent 2006
JKB “By Myself” (video) Marmaduke 2005
Mike Terrana “Man Of The World” Lion Music 2005
Caught Crimson “Never Again” Hollywood 2005
Bluelight “The Bluelight” Independent 2005
Royal Jelly “Forty Deuce” IK 2005
JKB “Bleeding The Soul” Marmaduke 2004
Richey Lam “Love vs. The Brain” Littlelam Music (independent) 2004
Ashley Jay “Almost Home” (DVD) Ventura/Warner (Europe) 2004
Preston Smith “One Man Blues Band” Independent 2003
Artension “New Discovery” Marquee International 2003
John West “World’s Collide” Avalon 2002
Jessie Moss “Jesse Moss” Dreamworks 2002
Artension “Sacred Pathways” Marquee Int. 2002
Magnitude 9 “Reality in Focus” InsideOut (Europe) 2001
Jeff Kollman “Shedding Skin” Music For Nations 2000
Julia Ingalls “Signs Of Life” Independent 2006
Soapy Tuna “Soapy Tuna” Sunset Records 1999
Mike Teranna “Shadows of the Past”* Hotwire 1999
Steven Black “26 O’ Clock” Dreamworks 1999
Tony Macalpine “Live from M.I.” (DVD) Trauma 1998
Edwin Dare “My Time To Die” Pony Canyon 1998
Magnitude 9 “Chaos To Control” InsideOut (Europe) 1998
The Original Moon “Graffiti”** GRP 1998
Tiles “Presents of Mind”** Teichiku/SPV 1998
Detroit Red Wings “We’ve Got The Cup”* Olympia 1998
Weathervane “Roll Like Thunder” Soupcan Music 1997
Tiles “Fence the Clear”** Inside Out Music 1997
Artension “Phoenix Rising” Shrapnel/Roadrunner 1997
George Bellast “Turn of the Millennium” Shrapnel/Roadrunner 1997
Karen Newman “Moment in the Wind” High Heel/Warner 1997
Detroit Red Wings “Get UP!!”* Number 5 Music 1997
Tony Macalpine “Violent Machine” JVC/Metropolis 1996
Artension “The Eye Of The Storm” Shrapnel/Roadrunner 1996
Kevin Chown “Freudian Slip”* Legato/Bandai Music 1996
Jeff Kollman “Into the Unknown” Legato/Bandai Music 1996
Edwin Dare “Can’t Break Me” Teichiku/Marmaduke 1995
Tiles “Tiles”* Polydor/SP Ent. 1994
Edwin Dare “The Unthinkable Deed” Teichiku/Marmaduke 1993
Pleezer “Pleezer” Independent 1992
Andromeda “Andromeda” Independent 1992
Jugglers And Thieves “Live On WDET” Horishima 1991
Notorious “Fool In The Dark” Independent 1989

*produced and performed*,  **co-produced and performed**
Kevin Chown Touring Credits
Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats (MD), Tarja (Tarja Turunen), Edison Project, Uncle Kracker, JKB, Karma (Karma Swanepoel), Naked Rhythm World Orchestra, Kirk Franklin, Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce (MD), Royal Jelly, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Cosmosquad, Lao Tizer, Phillip Sayce, Tony Macalpine, Weathervane (MD), Jeff Kollman, Aja Daashuur, Edwin Dare, Len Barry, Lou Christie, Artension, Swirl 360, Tiffany, Hanson, Chuck Berry, The Shangri-La’s, The Royal All Stars, The Marvelletts, Martha Reeves, The Drifters, Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Temptations, Ashley Jay (MD), Preston Smith, Lou Golby, Tiles, The Coasters, The Tokens, Adrian Galysh, The Supremes

(MD=Music Director + bassist)

Television, Advertising and Film Composition and Performance Credits
“Bones” (TNT), TMZ, Fox TV, The Ant Farm, Hairspray, Wedding Daze, You, Me And Dupree, Super Ex-Girlfriend, Horton Hears a Who, Simpsons (promo), What Happens In Vegas, Mr. And Mrs Smith, Prison Break, Rounders, The Fantastic 4, Spiderman, Blackhawk Down, Partners, Providence, ESPN Sports, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, The Closet Singer, Dancing With The Stars, Baywatch, Star Search, Detroit Tigers, Little Ceasars Pizza, One Tree Hill, Party of Five, Ally McBeal…..many others.